Welcome to the SMARD Website

On this website, you can download parts of or the entire single- and multichannel audio recordings database (SMARD). The database contains both single- and multichannel recordings of artificial signals as well as of reverberant and anechoic speech, vocal, and musical signals emitted by various loudspeaker types. The recordings are made with four different microphone arrays in a box-shaped listening room at Aalborg University. Moreover, the position of the microphones and loudspeakers inside this room as well as the temperature are also measured. SMARD is useful for testing algorithms developed for numerous audio signal processing tasks such as noise reduction, echo cancellation, source separation, source localisation, room geometry estimation, and de-reverberation.

On this website, you can

  • download all or a subset of the database,
  • download Matlab functions for loading the data from the database into the Matlab workspace,
  • download the Matlab code used for making the recordings,
  • see and download examples of how the data can be used for source localisation,
  • find a complete list of the measurement equipment and software used for making the recordings, and
  • find all books and peer-reviewed publications using the data.

The recordings have been made in January 2014 by Jesper Kjær Nielsen and Jesper Rindom Jensen. This website has been made publicly available in May 2014.

If you choose to use parts of the recordings from our database for your research or any other purpose, we would kindly ask you to cite our work by citing our IWAENC2014 paper:

  • J. K. Nielsen, J. R. Jensen, S. H. Jensen, and M. G. Christensen, "The Single- and Multichannel Audio Recordings Database (SMARD)," in Proc. Int. Workshop Acoustic Signal Enhancement, Sep. 2014. [pdf|bib]

Finally, we welcome contributions to the example page if you use SMARD in an interesting way. If you wish to do so, you can contact us by email. We will of course link to/cite your work if we decide to publish any such results on the website. 

The Orthonogal ArrayThe orthogonal array

Author Team

Postdoc Jesper Kjær Nielsen, Ph.D.
Dept. of Electronic Systems
Aalborg University
Bang & Olufsen A/S
Web: http://kom.aau.dk/~jkn

Postdoc Jesper Rindom Jensen, Ph.D.
Audio Analysis Lab, AD:MT
Aalborg University
Web: http://www.create.aau.dk/jrj

Prof. Søren Holdt Jensen, Ph.D.
Dept. of Electronic Systems
Aalborg University
Web: http://kom.aau.dk/~shj

Prof. Mads Græsbøll Christensen, Ph.D.
Audio Analysis Lab, AD:MT
Aalborg University
Web: http://www.create.aau.dk/mgc


The IWAENC 2014 publication documenting SMARD and its use can be downloaded here: